I am a passionate designer with an award-winning portfolio. I exercising design-thinkinginnovation, styling and commitment to transform my zeal into products which bring joy to people’s lives.

My mission is to create stylish designs and memorable experiences for those who come in touch with my design and to add value to what companies are proud of offering to their customers.

childhood jpg.jpg

This is a picture of me at age 8. with a hobby of making my own cardboard stuff.

For me, crafting cars and products was more than just a temptation to own them; but an effort to be part of their story.

And today I pursue my passion with professional tools:

Sketching | Concept Design | Hand & Digital Rendering | Rhinoceros | Alias Studio Tools | UI Design | WireFraming | Clay Modeling | Adobe Photoshop | PowerPoint | Prototyping

And my tools are backed with:

Design Research | Creative Problem Solving | Trend Research | Market Research | Benchmarking |  Customer Insight | Futurecasting | Storyboarding